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OMA Life

OM, the sound of primodial vibration 

MA, the nurturing nature of mother earth 

Aa, the connection with everything as it is

In modern world, we always buy more than we needs. To be more precise, we always buy what we don’t need but ignore those our body and mind do needs.  We lost the balance, and connection with our inner world. Our decision making for consuming a product is mostly driven by branding and material values, but seldom do we think through the impact to mother earth due to the purchase.  

OMA Life is more than a place to shop. It’s a place to share knowledge, values, healing, blessing and love, the   core of life. In OMA, we promote conscious spending - consuming products that will bring positive values to both oneself and others. We also embrace quantum lifestyle and technology to enhance our quality of life. 

We dedicate to bring customer products that we are happily using on daily basis and wholeheartedly wish that you will be happy as we are when using them.